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Coordinating Council Members

  • Sadad Ali (African Coalition Workforce)
    • Yasmin Hamud (Center for Bridging Communities)
      • Cynthia Hernandez (Community resident)
      • Anita Herrera (Community resident)
      • Evie Kosower (Community resident)
        • Trinh Le (Center on Policy Initiatives)
        • Abdulrahim Mohamed (Community resident)
          • Melanie Nally (San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative)
            • Jeanette Neeley (Community resident)
              • Carolyn Pinces (Planned Parenthood)
                • Sarah Saez (United Taxi Workers of San Diego)


                NON-VOTING MEMBERS

                • Dania Barroso-Conde (HHSA-Central Region)
                • Kevin O'Neill (SAY San Diego)
                • Diana Ross (Mid-City CAN)

                Join Coordinating Council

                To be Eligible to serve on the Council, You must:

                • Live, work, or volunteer in City Heights currently and have done so far the past two years
                • Attend meetings of the Council on the first Tuesday of each month from 4-5:30 pm throughtout the duration of your two-year term
                • Serve on a Council subcommittee and assist with fundraising for the collaborative
                • Participate in a systemic anti-racism training (next training date/location TBD)
                As a Council Member you will be doing the following:
                • Learn more about the services our community has to offer
                • Be part of the decision making process for Mid-City CAN
                • Grow professionally as you learn more about how boards function
                • Contribute to your job, and contribute to the well-being and improvement of the City Heights community

                Coordinating Council

                COORDINATING COUNCIL leadership consists of two co-chairs and a secretary and the overall Council is made up of 17 representatives elected from the general membership . In addition, a representative from the fiscal agent (SAY, San Diego) and the Community Liaison from the Central Region of San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency attend. Co-chairs and council members are elected to two-year terms.

                Please call the Mid-City CAN office at 619-283-9624 for time and dates of upcoming Coordinating Council meetings.

                Information & Resources

                The Coordinating Council serves as the governing body of the Mid-City Community Advocacy Network, and is responsible for setting the overall direction of the collaborative.

                REACH US AT

                (619) 272-7582

                PHYSICAL ADDRESS:
                4305 UNIVERSITY AVE.
                SUITE 550
                SAN DIEGO, CA 92105

                MAILING ADDRESS:
                P.O. Box 12319
                SAN DIEGO, CA 92112

                Quotation (Left)

                The Mid-City Community Advocacy Network's mission is to create a safe, productive,Quotation (Right)
                and healthy community through collaboration, advocacy, and organizing.

                Fiscal sponsor Mission Edge San Diego.