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Vision Statement

The team believes in free youth bus passes for students and youth, and in collaborating with organizations in the community that believe in a pilot program for students (middle school through community college).

Meeting schedule: 9 a.m. on the second Saturday of the month at Metro Villa Apartments, 4071 39th St.

Meeting Notes: Sept 27, 2013; Sept. 14, 2013; July 2013; June 2013; May 2013; Apr. 13, 2013; Apr. 02, 2013;Jan. 2011; Dec. 2011; Nov. 2011.

San Diego Regional Transportation Equity Summit - Aug. 13, 2014: Hosted by Mid-City CAN with guest speaker Professor Manuel Pastor and panelists Maria Cortez, Elyse Lowe, and Monique G. Lopez.

Click here to download a PowerPoint that Dr. Pastor presented

Dr. Manuel Pastor presented to a diverse crowd of over 50 people from throughout the San Diego region. In attendance were representatives from SANDAG, MTS, the City of San Diego, National City, Lemon Grove, the County of San Diego, and Assembly Districts 79 and 80, as well as advocates working on issues of transportation, housing, the environment, and economic development.

In his presentation, Dr. Pastor discussed the effects of economic and transportation inequity and the potential benefits of incorporating equity into our planning and decision-making. He cited studies done by Standard & Poors and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland that showed the drag on economic progress caused by economic inequity. Since transportation is such a vital part of economic activity, Dr. Pastor also connected economic inequity with transportation inequity, like underinvestment in quality transportation options in certain communities and the geographic disconnect between affordable housing and job centers. He made the case that investments in transit service for low income communities are a driver of economic growth by increasing access to job centers and positively affecting public health. Dr. Pastor also stressed the importance of the San Diego region, both because its demographics and political make-up is similar to the rest of the country and because we are setting the terrain for planning decisions across the state and country.

Following the presentation was a panel of local transportation and environmental justice experts: Maria Cortez of Mid-City CAN, Monique Lopez of Environmental Health Coalition, and Elyse Lowe of Circulate San Diego. The panel brought Dr. Pastor's presentation into a local and personal context. Each of them told powerful stories about what transportation justice looks like in our communities. They also talked about next steps for moving on transportation justice.


Co-Chairs for Transportation

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Safer City Heights :: Marcos talks about making the streets safer for exercise in City Heights


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