Henok Getaneh | Community Organizer, Food Justice Momentum Team

Henok Getaneh comes from a diverse and dynamic cultural background and experience. He studied Philosophy in Ethiopia, Theology in Brazil and he holds an MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from the University of San Diego. He worked as a Missionary, Youth Organizer, and Social Worker in Ethiopia, Zambia, and Brazil. Here in San Diego, his passion for working with refugees and asylum seekers has led him to work as a resettlement case manager assisting new arrivals to resettle in their new home.  Now, he works as Community Organizer at Mid- City CAN for the Food Justice Momentum Team and the Food and Social Justice Club at Crawford High School. He organizes and advocates along with City Heights residents and ally organizations to bring a system change for students to have access to tasty, nutritious, and culturally appropriate food in all schools. He envisions a greener City Heights where residents have access to organic and fresh produce on their daily table.

Henok currently serves as a board member for Tewodros San Diego Football Club and loves to spend his free time as an Amharic, Tigrigna, and Portuguese interpreter along with playing soccer at Ski beech and hiking at Cowles Mountain.