Meet Our Team: Imani Marshall, Evaluation & Learning Analyst

Tell us about the work you do with MCC and what calls you to it?
I grew up in a community that used organizing and collaboration to secure the resources we need to survive and thrive. I have always been committed to supporting community organizing.
As Mid-City CAN’s Evaluation and Learning Analyst, I supports our programs, organizing, and advocacy with research. I use evaluation & research to question our current systems and demonstrate the impact of the policies & programs community we advocate for.
The sustainability of the work we do relies on us also taking care of ourselves as part of it. How do you like to take care of yourself?
I take care of myself by drawing, watching anime, reading fantasy and eating copious amounts of dark chocolate. Most importantly, I have family & friends that practice community care.
What is one of your favorite memories at MCC?
The unveiling of Mid-City CAN Youth Council's Schools Not Prisons mural. It was inspiring to see the community come out to support Youth Council.
What brings you joy?
My fiancé, family, friends and my puppy Sammy bring me so much joy . ❤️  
Imagine tomorrow is the first day after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. What visual comes to mind when you think of what you would do first?
First, I would visit my family in Chicago. Second, I would start organizing to make permanent the positive policy changes that were secured during the crisis. 

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