Meet Our Team: Kendall Stewart, Administrative Assistant

Tell us about the work you do with MCC and what calls you to it?
Working at Mid City CAN has been and continues to be a bright spot in my career path. While working here I get to engage with a team of passionate, community-conscious people. Each day I am amazed by how our team continues to show up for communities while encouraging and equipping community members to become change agents. Being able to support that work and the people who do it has been pretty awesome!
The sustainability of the work we do relies on us also taking care of ourselves as part of it. How do you like to take care of yourself?
I am a huge advocate for self-care. Taking care of ourselves is so important because it allows us to function at our best. And when we are at our best we can give our best. Many of us have had to adjust to this sudden change in the work-environment and work-culture. With change comes adjustment which can be difficult. So, taking care of myself these days has been about acknowledging the tough days and giving myself grace and understanding. 
What is one of your favorite memories at MCC?
Picking one favorite memory is tough! One thing that I enjoyed the most about being in the office is the spontaneous conversations about social injustice. These conversations truly have impacted my work with some of my clients. 
What brings you joy?
My daughter Riley Rae and husband Richard bring me joy each day. Also... reality TV. 
We've been challenged a lot this year to adapt and be creative. Is there a new or unique experience you've had in lockdown that you'd like to continue post-COVID?
Oh, goodness! I have had to get very creative balancing school, work, and having my daughter at home. A lot of the balancing is centered around entertaining my amazing 2-year-old daughter. We have done more crafts, science experiments, and lots and lots of dancing. I really hope that when things start to open back up we are able to still find time to do those fun things. 

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