Cain Elizarraras, the Youngest Neighborhood Captain

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"I live in the Castle neighborhood and I'm in 12th grade, currently applying for colleges. I go to Hoover High School and was born and raised in City Heights.

What I like the most about City Heights is the diversity, acceptance of people who are underrepresented, and being able to have a close-knit family with people who aren't necessarily of the same race.

I am very passionate about education and creating an equal level of education in City Heights as more affluent parts of San Diego. I would like more money to go into our school systems in order to give underrepresented kids access to more opportunities and resources.

My parents were immigrants and so is my older sister. Having the right to vote is super important and it's saddening to see that people in my family aren't given that right, aren't given a voice. It makes me sad that people who are given the right to vote don’t exercise it.

As more people register to vote, I also hope I can encourage them to turn out to vote and exercise their voting rights to make a change.

I want a City Heights that is a safe area with better relationships between citizens and the police force, a better education for youth, less crime and gangs as well as more acceptance of diversity." Cain Elizarraras. 

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  • Linda St Angelo-Burritt
    commented 2018-05-04 17:56:30 -0700
    Really proud of you for stepping up and making our community better! Thank you.
    Here is to diversity and inclusion for all.

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