Mid-City CAN is a community-based organization located in City Heights that focuses on improving transportation, getting youth involved in the community and developing them into leaders, advocating for juvenile justice, and building community power.

Our non-profit organization is comprised of residents of the Mid-City neighborhood who care about making a lasting impact in this community. We gather around the top iss
ues residents care about, forming teams of volunteers. Mid-City CAN helps organize these teams to accomplish their goals. Learn more.


YOP Impact Study Roundtable talk

Thank you for attending our YOP: Impact Study Zoom Roundtable Talk! Watch the presentation by clicking here.

Youth Council

Youth Council members want to be a part of changing their communities for the better. They meet every Friday from 4 to 6 pm. Learn more.

Transportation Justice

SANDAG releases Youth Opportunity Pass Impact Study report. Learn more.


Our Civic Engagement team is increasing awareness of Medi-Cal redetermination! Learn more.

Juvenile Justice

Our Juvenile Justice Momentum team focuses on juvenile justice issues and is composed of community members from City Heights and San Diego County. Learn more.


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