Civic Engagement

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Voter registration and voter engagement are critical power-building strategies for Mid-City CAN. By registering and encouraging people who don’t normally vote to participate, we are building a stronger and more robust democracy. Increasing the number of voters in City Heights also ensures that City Heights becomes more powerful, that resources are invested more equitably in the community, and that residents' needs are taken seriously by decision-makers. The voters who chose to, are then linked to Momentum Team campaigns where they can actively engage on the issues critical to their daily lives.

Mid-City CAN’s Civic Engagement Team is launching their efforts to mobilize voters for the June 7, 2022 California primary election. You'll see us out and about in the community wearing our I Love City Heights shirts while knocking on our neighbors' doors, phone-calling, and organizing events to promote voter participation.

Useful Voting Resources

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Throughout April 2022, the Civic Engagement team worked hard to get community members vaccinated and offered COVID 19 resources. On April 9th, the team had a special event for the residents at the Atmosphere Apartments, a supportive and assisted living facility. Residents received the COVID-19 vaccine along with light refreshments. The team is continuing to push for more events on our high priority outreach zip codes which include 92115, 92105, 92114, 92102, 92113, 92136, and 92139. On April 23rd, the team offered resources during the Spring Love Event.

The Civic Engagement team wrapped up April with two events on April 30th. They tabled and offered COVID-19 resources at the Copley-Price Family YMCA where the YMCA hosted a Healthy Kids Day which featured kids activities, a chance to meet community partners, and the opportunity to learn about the YMCA’s programs and activities. While half of the team were at the YMCA, the other half were at the Employment Resource Center getting community members pre registered for their COVID-19 and flu vaccines. ERC will handed out free food packages, diapers, feminine hygiene products and seeds.

Watch the video of the Civic Engagement team's vaccine tour:

A second booster dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for older people and certain immunocompromised individuals has been authorized, book your COVID 19 vaccine appointment by calling 1-800-778-0036.