Youth Council


Our Team's Vision 

We believe our youth have the answers to society’s most challenging dilemmas and they must be the ones who dream and build the future they deserve. 

The Issue

Right now, youth, especially Black and Brown youth, are often viewed as potential problems instead of the stars they could become. As a result, a punitive system has developed that suppresses ad confines rather than building and growing our young folks’ hopes and dreams.  

Our Current Campaign

Youth Council’s campaign goal is combating institutional policies designed to overly criminalize youth, and amplifying youth voices and engagement on policing matters. Youth input is crucial to having honest long-lasting juvenile justice reform and ending the school to prison pipeline.

We have been working hard on educating youth in our community about this, and hope to do a #schoolsnotprisons mural soon. 

Our Past Campaign

We launched the City Heights Skatepark campaign in 2011 to address the need for safe spaces for youth to exercise and engage in recreation here, in our own community.

Who Should Join the team? 

Young people who want to be a part of changing their community for the better.

Contact us below to receive more information about Youth Council or to attend our next meeting