Mid-City CAN's Food Justice Momentum Team has been recognized for the positive impact in schools in City Heights. Here are a few of the press pieces that have been published on their work:



“Walk the halls of Crawford High School and you'll see City Heights in miniature. The neighborhood is home to immigrants from Mexico, Southeast Asia and East Africa. Several years ago, a group of refugee moms from the City Heights-based United Women’s East African Support Team began telling San Diego Unified's Food services Director Gary Petill their kids weren't eating lunch.”

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"Muslim members of the community's Food Justice Momentum Team told Oliver's chefs they wanted their diet restrictions considered in the San Diego workshops. And they were. Mothers and daughters in jewel-toned headscarves tied aprons over their floor-length dresses as they gathered in the rig's kitchen to cook breakfast.”

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"A San Diego Unified School District program that brought halal school lunches to Crawford High School has expanded. The meals meet Muslim religious guidelines and are now being served in five elementary schools."

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CW 6:

“This year, the San Diego Unified School District added a new lunch option to the student menu to help fit the needs of various communities. It launched a pilot program in City Heights, the home to a large community of Muslim east Africans where strict faith guidelines requires them to eat only halal foods, which is similar to kosher.”

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“The Food Justice Momentum Team is made up of parents, youth, and community members from City Heights concerned about health and justice for food-related issues.The team is an incredibly diverse group coming from the Somali Bantu, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali, Caucasian, and Latino communities.  Typically, the group's meetings have up to five different languages translated at once.”

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