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  • Miranda Perez
    commented 2018-09-16 07:49:25 -0700
    I just got custody back of my daughter and I have been walking her to Hoover HS for 3 weeks now. The last time I walked her I tripped over a raised sidewalk. I hurt myself pretty bad. Well my daughter is very forgetful I have to constantly show her and tell her how to do something or where to put something over and over. I’m afraid she is going to forget how to get to school or get home and get lost. She is new to San Diego. She was living in Hemet and it isn’t very big and no one there taught her anything so she was ignored and forgotten about. She is 15 but her mind sometimes is like a 5 yr old. I need to get her a bus pass to get to and from school. She has a friend that gets on the bus before her and can help her when to get off for school and home. I cant afford a bus pass at this time. My husband works but he is paying rent on 2 homes plus food utilities and necessities for both homes 1 home is his mom and kids. So we dont have extra income. Is there any programs or do you know where we can get help?

    Thank you

    Miranda Perez
  • Dara Thomas
    commented 2018-07-10 13:55:15 -0700
    My name is Dara Thomas and I am the Impact Specialist with United Way of San Diego County. I was wondering if your Improving Transportation in City Heights program is still operational, or if it has been replaced by another transportation program? We are trying to find out information about alternatives for transportation for elementary and high school students. Please call me at my office at 858-636-4131. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.
  • followed this page 2018-06-25 10:23:55 -0700
  • James Hansen Trent
    commented 2016-10-27 16:29:22 -0700
    More about the program, in particular possible ways to help out and/or get involved. Thanks!

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