Meet Our Team: Belén Hernández García, Policy Advocate

Tell us about the work you do with MCC and what calls you to it?

I believe we are here to serve. That's my aspiration in life and at Mid-City CAN. 

As the Policy Advocate, I work with local partners and government offices to move campaigns forward. My role is to guide officials and their staff to recognize and address community needs. That's right, I attend a lot of meetings. As I follow the legislative process, I also simplify information and resources to share with community members. 

The sustainability of the work we do relies on us also taking care of ourselves as part of it. How do you like to take care of yourself?

I love spending time with family and in nature! Equally important, prayer and reflection.

What is one of your favorite memories at MCC?

Seeing everyone at staff meetings.

What brings you joy? 

Finishing what I start. Musics, food, and discussing what I read. 

This time of physical distancing has fostered a lot of new hobbies or returned people to old favorites. What have you been passing the time with?
I have been practicing the guitar and exploring new interests.

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