Our Team’s Vision 

Our Food Justice Momentum Team dreams of a future where every family is free of hunger and has access to the nutritious food they need to live a healthy life.  

The Issue  

Right now, one in five San Diego children is affected by hunger. The numbers are even worse for children in City Heights. To make the situation worse, much of the food available is heavily processed and has serious negative impacts on the long-term health and learning ability of youth.  

Our Current Campaign 

We recently finished planning our new campaign. Our short-term goal is to have public or private land for a community garden in City Heights by the end of 2019. Our continuing goal is to expand culturally-appropriate/Halal food that is tasty and nutritious in schools. Finally, our long-term goal is to have pocket parks in City Heights by 2020. We want to live in a greener and healthier City Heights.  

Our Past Campaign 

Several years ago, the mothers of Muslim students at Crawford High School came to the sad understanding that many of their children were coming home from school hungry. These students, who adhere to religious dietary restrictions, were not able to eat the meat in the school meals they were depending on for their daily nutritional needs. Inspired to ensure their children had the food they needed, the Food Justice Momentum Team launched their campaign for Halal lunches at Crawford High School.  
After years of hard work and community organizing, FJMT won a Halal chicken pilot program at Crawford. The pilot was a success and just two years later, a single day of Halal options became five and the program expanded from a single high school to include several local middle and elementary schools. This was a huge win for the health of children of City Heights and marked an important step in making all children feel the sense of welcoming and belonging we all want.  

Who Should Join the Team? 

Community members interested in increasing youth opportunity, combating hunger, and supporting the ideal that all people should be treated with dignity and respect no matter who they pray to or where they were born. 

Contact us below to receive more information about food justice or to attend our next meeting