Meet Our Team: Brenda Diaz, Civic Engagement Coordinator

Tell us about the work you do with MCC and what calls you to it?
As the Civic Engagement Coordinator, I train and coordinate a field team, volunteers, and interns to educate voters and community members to become active and stay civically engaged. I’ve recently celebrated my third anniversary with MCC. It’s been great to see the impact we have had in the community.
The sustainability of the work we do relies on us also taking care of ourselves as part of it. How do you like to take care of yourself?
I take care of myself by going outdoors and being in nature. Taking a break from everything and just sitting in silence helps me recharge so that I can continue to do this work.
What is one of your favorite memories at MCC?
One of my favorite memories with MCC was celebrating our 30th anniversary. Being in the same room as community members, allies and supporters and seeing the excitement of everyone there was a good feeling. I can’t wait to see what we continue to accomplish and look forward to our next celebration. 🎉
What brings you joy?
At the start of quarantine I started baking as a hobby. I’ve only made cakes and cupcakes for my family and friends but want to learn how to make other desserts. The next dessert I want to tackle is a creme brûlée.
As we enter into the last couple of the months of 2020, what are your hopes for what the remainder of the year looks like?
I'm not sure what the remainder of the year looks like but currently my hope is to ensure that City Heights turns out to vote by mail or in-person (safely- following healthy guidelines).

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