Meet Our Team: Griselda Ramirez, Director of Civic Engagement

Tell us about the work you do with MCC and what calls you to it?
As the Director of Civic Engagement, my work is to make sure to build the strategy around our field activities and make sure that we are aligning with our long term goals, that our team has the necessary training and resources so that we can continue to move our work forward. I recently celebrated my 5th MCC work anniversary!

The sustainability of the work we do relies on us also taking care of ourselves as part of it. How do you like to take care of yourself?
Taking care of oneself is super important! I take care of myself by completely disconnecting and making sure I take a mental break from everything. Spending time with my family, friends, and going out for walks.

What is one of your favorite memories at MCC?
I have so many favorite memories but my best memory was of the 2016 election when we had an all-volunteer program and together we registered people to vote and encouraged folks to vote, it was a special year because the community came together to make sure their friends and neighbors had a voice for this election and this was the beginning of a civically involved community.

What brings you joy?
My family, traveling, tending to my plants and as of recently my 3-month-old puppy Roma 💕

As 2020 wraps up, what is one thing you've learned about yourself this year? And what word would you use to sum this one up in?
This year was a tough one! I learned many things but one of the main takeaways was that we have to take life as it comes and sometimes we have to change things, whether it's our strategy, the way we worked, the way we saw each other, we adjust, and keep at it!

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