Peace Promotion Momentum Team

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Our Team’s Vision 

The Peace Promotion momentum team envisions a world were youth and educators have every tool necessary to achieve the highest and most productive levels of education. We believe that if we invest in our youth’s future, they will be on the path of higher education rather than that of the school to prison pipeline.

The Issue 

Expulsions and suspensions have a negative impact on our most vulnerable communities and youth. Many Southeast and Mid-City youth are finding themselves in suspensions that only lead to loss of class time and potential interactions with our justice system.

Our Current Campaign

The Peace Promotion momentum team is currently working to ensure that the most impacted schools in our district are fully implementing the School Climate Bill of Rights, which we passed in July of 2017. Training of all faculty and staff in restorative justice and practices is vital in keeping our commitment to our communities of color and these schools: Hoover, Crawford, and Lincoln.

The PPMT has also committed to expanding Restorative Community Conferencing (RCC), which works to bring youth through a program that embodies restorative justice and practices so that they do not step-foot in our justice system. We are working hard so that those at the table are working with us to dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

Our Previous Campaign

In 2017, the Peace Promotion Momentum Team won a major victory for youth throughout the city, when the San Diego Unified School District unanimously passed the School Climate Bill of Rights. This historic document set the foundation for what we hope will be a monumental shift in how our schools operate.

School Climate Bill of Rights (Click here to read the bill of rights)

Who should join the team? 

Community members, high school students, and anyone who is interested in ensuring our youth are in school and not in route to the school to prison pipeline.

Interpretation and childcare services are provided at meetings upon request. Please contact us below with any interpretation and/or childcare requests.