Support Youth Opportunity Passes

Mid-City CAN and Climate Action Campaign partner to advocate for no-cost transit passes for all young San Diegans ages 24 and under. Programs like these exist with great success in Alameda County, Boston, San Francisco, and most recently Sacramento and Los Angeles. They are also necessary and viable in San Diego.

No-cost transit passes for youth are important because they are an investment in equity, opportunities for youth, and a sustainable future:

  • Youth face unique challenges and investing in youth mobility will alleviate the challenges youth face getting to schools, jobs, extracurricular activities, and other early-career opportunities. Youth Opportunity Passes are also the key to creating the next generation of transit riders. Young transit riders are more likely to become adult transit riders, resulting in less traffic, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a cleaner, healthier San Diego.

Please let us know below if you support Youth Opportunity Passes so we can connect you with relevant opportunities to advocate for youth.
Mid-City CAN y Climate Action Campaign se unen para abogar por pases de tránsito sin costo para jóvenes de 24 años y menores. Los pases de tránsito sin costo para jóvenes son una inversión en la equidad, las oportunidades para jóvenes, y un futuro sustentable. Programas como éste han sido muy exitosos en el condado de Alameda, Boston, San Francisco, Sacramento y Los Angeles.

Por favor indique a continuación si usted apoya los pases de oportunidad para jóvenes (Youth Opportunity Passes) para poder informarle sobre futuras oportunidades para apoyar a los jóvenes.

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Yes I support Youth Opportunity Passes. Sí, yo apoyo los pases sin costo para jóvenes.
I might support Youth Opportunity Passes. Tal vez apoye los pases sin costo para jóvenes.
No I do not support Youth Opportunity Passes. No apoyo los pases sin costo para jóvenes.