Visit from Deputy Chief Probation Officer

Juvenile Justice

Our Juvenile Justice team had a special guest at their October 26 meeting.

Thank you to Deputy Chief Probation Officer Tabatha Wilburn who is with the County of San Diego for stopping by to talk to our Juvenile Justice Momentum Team! Wilburn has been employed with the San Diego County Probation Department for over 20 years and has been assigned to both adult and juvenile divisions, with much of her service being juvenile focused.

The mission of San Diego County Juvenile Probation is to fully support youth and their families with evidence-based practices that focus on rehabilitation, healing and positive youth development.

Wilburn has had diverse probation assignments that include working with youth clients in juvenile facilities and also in placement for dual youth, working in investigations, supervision, and drug court units, and serving as a probation department trainer.

Thank you Tabatha for joining us! View photos by visiting our Flickr page.

📷: Guadalupe Rojas, Mid-City CAN