What We Do

We are the people of City Heights.

Mid-City CAN is comprised of residents of the Mid-City neighborhood who care about making a lasting impact in this community. We gather around the top issues residents care about, forming teams of volunteers. Mid-City CAN helps organize these teams to accomplish their goals.

Improving Transportation City Heights Leadership

Mid-City CAN takes a unique approach to accomplishing its mission, working with residents and partners to drive positive change across many systems and issues. Rather than coming in as an outside force, Mid-City CAN extensively collaborates with the people of City Heights to see what they need the most in their neighborhood. The most pressing issues raised by the people themselves are then addressed through Momentum Teams, which are councils made up of residents from City Heights.

Mid-City CAN is invested in developing leaders in City Heights. We hold events open to the public, training to foster growth, and have a Youth Council to inspire and prepare youth to take a more active role in their communities.

To join a Momentum Team or get involved with one of our leadership development opportunities, call us at (619) 272-7582 or email us at midcitycan@midcitycan.org